The temperature was supposed to be in the 90s today so I knew I had to lighten things up in wardrobe department. Lucky for me, I had a dress waiting in my closet that was perfect for a summer scorcher.

This Birdcage dress from ASOS caught my eye a couple of months ago but I never seemed to have the right occasion to wear it. But today’s rising mercury meant it was the perfect day to slip on this cute little number. I keep twirling down the hall and in every mirror (when no one else is watching), I can’t help it! The skirt is one of those perfect swirly-twirly skirts that floats around your legs, but never reveals your chonies, like something out of a black & white musical.

Not only did it keep me cool at the office, but it made me stop thinking about my hair – which I had cut in the throes of a heat related anxiety attack, and am now freaking out about because it feels too short.