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Summer is right around the corner, finally! There are many things a-brewin’ for me right now, I’m knocking on so much wood these days, trying to keep the good mojo flowing. I took a trip to Colorado, and the weather was amazing! I realized too late that the sunglasses I took with me didn’t sit evenly on my face, ugh. Trapped with inferior eye wear for a week is torture for me. My gothic eyes are super sensitive to light, so I had to keep those see-sawing glasses on my face all day.

Upon my return to reality, I took a huge step towards my new life plans and gave my two week notice at my current job. Okay, it was more like three weeks notice, but still, big leap! To celebrate my bright new future, and fix the problem of the pesky crooked sunglasses, I got a new pair of x-ray specs!

I’d fallen in love with these Kate Spade New York ‘Franca’ Sunglasses months ago, and finally decided to take the retail plunge. I regret nothing!