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ImageThis crazy weather can’t make up its mind today, rain or shine? I didn’t let the back and forth stop me from busting out my new spring dress from Target. Purple-pink, with a ruched bodice, zipper detail AND pockets, I adore a dress with pockets. It’s the little things in life, my friends. Target, you little minx, just when I’ve given up on you, you offer me a little gem like this. I threw on a black cardigan from Torrid, featuring a big sugar skull design on the back (GOTHIC!) and black tights. I thought my body might go into shock without a comforting layer of black clothing surrounding it.

Dress: Target, not currently available online but similar to this one * Cardigan: Torrid, black sugar skull cardigan * Necklace: Idle Hands Designs (personalized with Oliver’s name)