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I celebrated my thirty-something-th birthday last Sunday, and finally had one of my party dreams come true. My lovely friend Kim threw me a tea party the day before my official birthday. We talked about it a couple of times, and in the end she said she’d run a little short on time so she just, “threw some things together” the night before. Behold Kim’s idea of a last minute party spread:

All this time, I had no idea this girl was hiding such incredible inner party hostess skills! She made two kinds of tea sandwiches (cucumber with herb goat cheese and pimento cheese), homemade savory scones (with pancetta, cheese and green onion), goat cheese stuffed dates rolled in prosciutto, and an assortment of cheese, crackers and jam. Also on the table is a red velvet bundt cake and some homemade Samoa bars (made by homie Charlotte). Let me just say how much I really love my friends.

I was so busy stuffing my face, I didn’t get a good close up shot of Kim’s beautiful vintage tea set (you can see it on the left in the photo above). A cup of Lady Grey tea and some adult refreshments washed everything down nicely. My mind was blown buy the Dubliner cheese and fig jam combo, for the love of all things dairy, go try it if you haven’t already. Then ask youself what I kept mumbling in between mouthfuls, “why have I never had this before?!”

Obligatory birthday fashion shot! Dress from ASOS Curve, which is adorable and made me feel like a pretty, pretty tea party princess. Halogen cardigan sweater from Nordstrom, one of about a dozen in my archives. Cake hat by the sweet ‘n sexy Marie at Agent Lover. You can’t see them, but I busted out my Jeffrey Campbell Partridge Family shoes which my dog Oliver almost destroyed when he was a puppy. It’s okay, I distracted him with a old Converse I’d lost the mate to but still held out hope of finding.

Speaking of that little scenery chewer, my date for the weekend was Oliver… I love a dog in a tuxedo. Thanks to Oliver and all my friends and family for making it a great weekend and giving me all the best slow-motion-confetti-slash-movie-montage moments in my life.