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Sometimes I find myself sitting around the house with nothing to do. It’s during those times when I’ve come up with some wacky ideas – imaginary cocktail parties (where I dress up head to toe, or sometimes just wear my favorite shoes with my pajamas), make up experiments, and filling a kiddie pool and trying to get my reluctant dog to join me inside, you get the idea… Most of these ideas should remain hidden on my list of secret behaviors, but every once in while I’ll come up with one that’s worth sharing, which brings us to Idle Hands.

I won’t dare call them tutorials, as I’d actually have to know what I’m doing for it to truly be a tutorial. But here’s my idea – I’ll come up with something to try (a product, technique, etc.), document the results and give you the gory details. One day, given enough liquid courage, I might test my skills with an actual video. For now, I’ll stick to plain old photos, and I promise to try to recreate any hilarious mishaps if need be.

First up? The You Curl from Infiniti by Conair, which I’ve had for a while, but never tried out. Well, that’s not entirely true, I started to try it out one night but gave up halfway – leaving me with half a head of curls, which made me look mentally unstable. The hair equivalent of Two-Face. I got the You Curl after watching this tutorial on The Hairpin, if you haven’t already, watch all of Jane Marie’s tutorials. When I’m not having imaginary parties or annoying my dog, I’m watching and reading all her stuff – but not in a scary stalker way.

Okay, back to curls… I did a much better job this time, guys! The You Curl is like a skinnier curling iron, but without the clip. It looks like  magic wand, and I kept pointing it at my head  and saying, “Expecto Patronum!”, but nothing happened. Without magical shortcuts, I went at it the old fashioned way, you wrap your hair around the wand and have to hold it while it heats up. It took me a little time to get the wrapping technique down, but once you figure it out it takes just a few seconds to do. That wand is hot, crazy hot, so watch your fingers!

Here I am before, I have no concept of how long my hair is until I see a picture like this. When I couldn’t fit my hair into the frame, I started getting nervous about how long this was going to take. No time for a trim, so I just had to make it work.

I split up my hair into a bunch of sections, and even then I had to hold some pieces in my mouth while I worked. Bitches, I won’t lie, I have a lot of hair and it is slippery as all get out. The You Curl gives you softer curls than a curling iron – I wasn’t trying to get them in perfect formation, I was envisioning wild Carrie Bradshaw curls. I love you, SJP!

I had to pause for a moment and try to document the insanity going on atop my head. divided it in half, then sectioned off each half section into three more sections – good lord. Then of course, I forgot which clip I’d used for each piece and kept unpinning the wrong one. I also had to stop for a hot minute to chase down Oliver, who’d stolen a bag with a rawhide bone from my purse. That little pickpocket!

Finally! After 45 minutes, both sides were curled and my scorched fingers could breathe a sigh of relief. The wand comes with a little black glove to protect your fingers, but I couldn’t find it! I was tossing my head back and forth for about ten minutes straight, channeling some serious Bradshaw.

So this is the final result, with some fluffing – I used my fingers and the pick end of a teasing comb. I should also mention I didn’t use any product in my hair before or after. I wanted to see how well my hair would curl (if at all) au naturel. I struck some silly poses and kept texting pictures to my friends. I am so obnoxious.

I waited for the curls to cool off, then brushed it out with a bristle brush (it’s a Mason Pearson, I’m gonna name drop because I adore that brush) and pinned the front to the side. I really liked it! My hair is really difficult to curl, so I rarely try it – I usually curl it a bit just to add some volume, but it’ll go flat in a few hours regardless of how many products I use.

And here’s my hair the next morning, after brushing it. There was a little bit of wave that remained, but nothing as dramatic as the night before. I was really happy with the results, it wasn’t fast – but it was much easier than hot rollers or the rag curls my friend Heather tried. I’ll definitely try this with some product for longevity on my next night out.