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It seems many others share my obsession with eyebrows, and I’ve heard more and more people vocalize their curiosity about threading. I’ve been threading for about a year or so, and I promised a couple of friends I’d do a before & after post. Warning: you’re about to see some completely untouched (well, almost untouched, I added borders) photos of my untamed eyebrows.

I let them go an extra couple of weeks so there would be a dramatic impact, and it’s kind of mortifying but entertaining to see these. Okay, ignore the dryness around my nose.

Deep breath, I’m going for the full reveal, complete with headband to get all the hair out of my face.

Ugh, the things I do for entertainment… I hate seeing my hair pulled back. You will note I have a small forehead (dubbed a “two-head” by many friends) and my brows are a little outta control. Nothing crazy, but a little unkempt.

My first threading experience was at a Layla Beauty location in Ventura, they moved their original location so I tried another place and wasn’t completely thrilled. I ended up finding another Layla location minutes from my office, so I went back to them and have been completely satisfied. Ten minutes in the chair and $10 later….

I took this in the car, immediately after getting threaded. I did get a little scrape from the thread, as you can see. It didn’t hurt, and was 90% gone by the next morning. It can sometimes happen, and isn’t a big deal, in a year of threading I’ve only had it happen twice. You can see, my brows looks much cleaner and there are zero stray hairs! My skin is a little pink and tender, although it doesn’t show up in the photo very well. That faded in less than an hour, I went out in public and didn’t need to cover up with any extra makeup or anything.

Threading salons are popping up everywhere, so you can look around, do research on Yelp, or ask friends/co-workers for their suggestions. It’s so fast and much cheaper than waxing, I pay $10 and my brows take less than 10 minutes. Threading also lets you get absolutely perfect shape, and no breakouts or skin irritations like waxing can sometimes cause. I was devoted to waxing for over ten years, and with a single threading session my loyalty switched.

If you’re at all curious, find a friend who threads and go with them on their next appointment to see how it’s done. Although, I’d highly suggest trying it for yourself! I won’t lie, it does hurt. I think it’s more painful than waxing, but that would be my only negative about the experience. Waxing is painful, but the pain lasts a few seconds and the tenderness only a few minutes. The threading itself isn’t that much more painful than waxing, but the sting will linger longer than with waxing, maybe about 30 to 45 minutes. But once it fades, you’re left with perfect brows for weeks, with no skin irritations or breakouts! And as a bonus, you’ve got a little extra cash left in your beauty budget.

Would these brows lie to you?