I survived my first day of running… mostly. My hip flexors seems to be bearing the brunt of the pain, but otherwise I feel pretty good. Two lessons learned for next time: shave my legs (or at least those six inches visible between the hem of my pants and the top of my sock) and leave the dog at home (for now) (sorry, Oliver).

I created a running playlist on Spotify, which was a big help keeping me motivated and blocking out other distractions. Friends of mine have heard about my trouble concentrating, especially during my many failed attempts at yoga. Long story short, I couldn’t stop thinking about a strawberry milkshake from In N Out for the entire hour. It was so  bad, I couldn’t focus on anything else and kept falling out of positions. It was like the scene in a cartoon, where the character is so hungry everyone starts looking like roasted turkeys. The worst thing is that I didn’t even go get the stupid milkshake after the workout!

So now that the dreaded first day is over, I’m actually looking forward to my next run on Friday. CRAZY TALK!