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A few months ago I purchased the Run 5K app my friend Marie told me about, and since then it’s sat on my phone… unused and hidden in my “procrastination” folder. I kept making excuses, the last of which was, “running shoes are so ugly! I’ll run only if I can find a pair of…. purple shoes I like.”

I thought I was safe, at least for another couple of months! But last week internet smacked me in the face and said, “don’t ever challenge me, now get off your lazy ass and RUN.”

After weeks months of dragging my feet, they will finally get in gear, encased in garish purple and pink. I wouldn’t have it any other way, naturally. Now all I need to do is create my ultimate running playlist and stop cringing. Monday is the kickoff day, should I survive my first workout, you’ll be the first to know.