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Oliver has had a tough week! He and his canine pal Max got into a little scuffle over a toy, Oliver put up a thuggish front but walked away with both his cheek and pride slightly injured. Then on Monday afternoon he was bitten by some unknown insect assailant (how rude!).

We suspected the reddish spot near his nose is the bite site… we also suspected Oliver chased whatever it was that bit him and smooshed his face right into harm’s way. Naturally, I noticed my poor little guy’s face starting to swell about an hour after his vet’s office had closed for the day.

He slowly started to resemble a Shar-Pei… which, although adorable, was troubling. We gave him some Benadryl and waited to see if got any better, but it didn’t. The swelling got worse, and I decided it couldn’t wait until his vet opened the next day. Off to the pet ER! They couldn’t say for sure what caused the swelling, but they were able to give him a couple of shots to help. Slowly but surely, Oliver’s face started deflating back to its regular size and my panic subsided to its regular state.

As of today, everything is back to normal, and Oliver went back to his usual level of annoyance with me sharing too many of his personal details online.