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We did it, we made it to Murder House!

Relax, no blood was actually shed, it’s just the house used in American Horror Story, on FX. Marie and I are obsessed with the show, and decided to try to find it after our latest brunch session. I don’t know what it is about this house, but I love it and wish I lived there. There were a few other fans there when we pulled up, and a few other groups showed up while we were staring and sighing wistfully.

Such a lovely day, the stars were aligned for us. A delicious brunch, with perfect parking and no wait despite a long line out front. Followed by a trip to Pygmy Hippo Shoppe, if I can keep from buying everything for myself, it’ll be my main source for Christmas shopping. Then it was off to the El Capitan to see The Muppets, with a special sing along appearance from Miss Piggy and Kermit! We even managed to squeeze in a quick visit to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre to get a look at the fresh, still protected by a barricade, footprints left by the Twilighters (Why? Why not?!). There was even a heartwarming lost dog story with a happy reunion ending!

Now I’m resting at home, in my comfy but embarrassing black leggings, basking in the glow of a perfect Saturday. Yay!