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I was at a party recently when someone said something that left me somewhat unsettled. I actually like the person who said it, so it’s not like it was something some jerk said to piss me off. Anyway while describing something that happened earlier in the evening, he referred to this girl as “mouthy”, and my hackles were instantly raised. When I hear that word it’s sounds like someone describing a person who should keep quiet and know their place. I don’t believe for a moment the person who used the word meant it like that, but as a proud mouthy broad, I took umbrage.

I come from a long line of verbose ladies, it’s part of the reason I started blogging – my pen & paper journal could no longer handle me. My mouth is usually what makes people love or hate me (get your dirty, filthy mind outta the gutter!), because I wasn’t raised to hold back. I’m not tactless, but my filter doesn’t always stop the barrage of verbal diarrhea before it’s too late. Years ago my mom suggested I should have kept quiet during a heated discussion, and I told her that was the worst thing she could ever say to me. Why should I keep quiet or dumb it down for anyone?

The long and the short of it is that I’m a smart ass, and I cannot pass up an opportunity to give a comeback or make some sort of remark… especially if someone pushes my buttons. It shouldn’t matter if I’m a man or a woman, but I can’t help  but suspect that my big mouth is seen as a negative quality because I’m a chick. If I’d been Alexander (the name my parents picked out for a boy) no one would ever have told me I should watch my mouth if I wanted to be liked by other people.

Because all important moments in my life are eventually imagined as movie montages, I already have the perfect song picked out.