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A couple of weeks into fall and we finally had a little chill in the air, it’s about time! My friend Marie commented that she hates to see the summer end, joking that she’s the only person who hates the whole, “woo hoo, crisp autumn nights are here!” feeling everyone raves about. It’s funny, because I thought I was always the only one who cheered the chilly weather and sang this song to warm summer months.

It’s not that I dislike warm weather, I love long summer days – no matter how late I get home from work there are always a few hours of light left to play outside or just sit and enjoy that lazy summer feeling. Am I am certainly no stranger to a poolside margarita (see exhibit A over there on the left), and have had my fair share of sunny getaways. But it’s those brutally hot summer days that get to me, I can’t take it, my wardrobe isn’t built for extreme summer heat! I don’t feel complete without a cardigan and at least 3/4 sleeves, a style that is hard to pull off when it’s in the 90s. I went to Maui this summer, and the only time my bare shoulders were exposed is when we went snorkeling.

So it’s no surprise that I perk up as the temperature drops – out come the sweaters, tights, long sleeves, wooly scarves and boots! I’m not overly modest, but I feel cuter when I can cover up the areas I’m more self-conscious about. There’s also something comforting about being able to bundle up under your favorite sweater, or your footie jammies.  And as evidenced in the somewhat mortifying photo on the right, the chillier temperatures mean you can finally pull out all the crafts you inexplicably made for yourself in the middle of a heat wave in July.