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I’ve always been lucky with my skin, never having major issues like acne or scaliness. I’ve treated it well from a very young age, thanks to countless lectures from my mom (annoying, but she was right), and was rewarded with good skin. As I made my way into my 30s, I noticed it was changing and required more maintenance than before. My regular products weren’t giving me the same results, I noticed dry spots even my most trusted moisturizer couldn’t remedy.

And so began my search for a moisturizer suitable for my 30-something skin. I’ve been using Philosophy Hope In A Jar, I like it well enough but there was room for improvement. Enter Burt’s Bees new sensitive line…  I received the facial cleanser ($10) and daily moisturizer ($15) from BzzAgent, and it’s the latter that has blown me away. It felt a bit heavy at first, and I lost a little hope. But once I let it absorb into my skin, I was pleasantly surprised. No greasy film, no wet feeling! Just smooth, perfectly moisturized skin. I’ve been using both products for almost  a week, and am loving them! The facial cleanser is soap free, which I really like, and although it does feel a bit strange at first (it doesn’t lather up the way normal washes do) I quickly noticed that my skin didn’t feel tight or irritated after washing. There is also zero redness, something that always happens around my nose with other cleansers. Could it be that as I age like a fine wine, and whine about aging, that my skin has become more sensitive? Instead of looking for new anti-aging products, I should have been looking for something simpler and less harsh.

So, is this it? Have my skin prayers been answered? Perhaps… it seems at least that my winter skin woes will be soothed by Burt’s Bees Sensitive Daily.