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Does the end of summer have you down? Maybe you’ve just had a terrible week at work or you’re just feeling a little ho-hum on a Tuesday afternoon. The blues can strike at anytime, so you’ve got to have a plan to fight them off! Here are seven spirit boosters that can be found at a mall near you, no prescription required.

Fake Hair from a Mall Kiosk
Like me, you’ve passed this kiosk a dozen times and could never figure out why anyone would want to buy a fake pony tail, right? Look closer, see the clip-in pieces of hair in all the colors of the rainbow? A friend of mine convinced me to venture closer and allow the saleswoman to clip some purple locks into my hair… instant party up in my weave! The price? $5!

Perfume Rollerballs from Sephora
Priced at $18-25, these are a fantastic way to try a new perfume without forking over big bucks for a full size bottle. My rollerball of choice is Chloe, I love the perfume but I don’t want to carry a whole bottle with me to freshen up during the day. Find your favorite to carry with you or go nuts and try something completely new, retail therapy never smelled so good.

Nail Stickers
I’m specifying the stickers over nail polish, simply because they last longer. I always manage to screw up freshly painted nails by running my hand through my hair or digging in my purse for a stick of gum before they’ve completely dried. Even on those rare occasions when I’ve managed to keep them looking good through the drying process, they’ll be chipped within 24 hours. The stickers are $7-15, I usually use the Sally Hansen brand but Sephora has a lot of cute designs too. I thought the stickers would be beyond my skill level, but it turns out that even I can do it! Ignore my dry skin and take a look:
I did it!


Target Popcorn Combo
So cheap (only $1.50!) and oh, so right. Split it with a friend, or keep it all to yourself, this combo just can’t be beat. Sometimes you have to wait a few minutes for a fresh batch of popcorn, but it’s worth every second. If only Target would answer my prayers and design carts with special popcorn and drink holders!

New Pair of Tights
Oooooh… I love sliding on a new pair of tights, no snags or runs, no weird mark where your shoe rubbed against your heel for too long. $10-20 can bring your gams a little taste of luxury and make you forget anyone pissed you off at the office. A bright pop of color, some sexy texture, or a naughty fishnet, which will it be? Go ahead and bust out a Moulin Rouge Can-Can, no one’s watching and I won’t tell…

Tote Bag
They come in all shapes and sizes – get one for your gym clothes, the dog park, crafting, grocery shopping, picnics (!) or just to hang on a peg in your room as decoration. They’re cute, and usually under $20, why not? Big deal, you might be saying, how much fun could a tote bag be? This much fun.

Discount Sunglasses
My local mall has at least two discount sunglasses kiosks, I take full advantage of them when I’m feeling adventurous but my pocketbook is being prudent. What better way to try out a trend for $10? I love my high-end sunglasses, but if I’m spending considerable $$$ on them, I go with classic styles that will be wearable for a long time. But sometimes I need some bedazzled cat-eye shades to brighten my day. You’ll notice a spring in your strut with some new life over your peepers! If all else fails, you can go home and put them on your dog.